what is google analytics for beginners?

Hello everyone today we are going to see “what is google analytics and google analytics for beginners”.

It is easy steps to understand so read this article carefully. This article will help you know what is That.

what is Google analytics:

The Google analytic tool will help you to track your traffic from website, blogger, any other social media.

It will also help you to track your viewers locations, which device they will use, in which browser.

It will help you to know information about your traffic source and how much time the viewers will spend in your site or social media.

You can also see the realtime traffic or views of your page or post.

You can use analytics in phone or laptop browsers and also provides Analytics in the app in the app store or play store.

It helps you to understand your customers or viewers. It give a free tool to analyze your website interactiion.

How to use Google Analytics in a mobile or laptop browser:

  • The first step, you want to open your browser on a mobile or laptop.
  • next, open a new tab in your browser and type Google Analytics. It will redirect you to the analytics Site.
  • Sign in with your Gmail id which Gmail id you want to use in the analytics account.
  • Now you can access your site’s traffic and data by entering the tracking id of your site.
  • If you don’t know to enter the tracking id of your site.
  • just follow the given below steps.
How to connect your site with analytics without enter the tracking id:
  • If you using WordPress, please install the Google site kit plugin.
  • It will help you to connect with analytics.
  • After installing the plugin, next go to the setting option of the plugin.
  • You have three options in the setting section of the Google site kit
Google site kit dreamtobig
Google site kit
  • In these three option, you want to select the second option “connect more services”
  • On the next screen, you will see the analytics
  • click that option and it will redirect you to the analytics site
  • Now you want to sign in with your Gmail id.

How to Connect your Blogger with analytics:

  • In Blogger, It is an easy way to connect analytics.
  • Open your blogger and enter into the setting of your blogger.
Blogger dreamtobig
Blogger settings
  • And the next step you want to click on the “Google Analytics Property ID”
  • Next, a box will open on your window.
  • Now you will enter your Google Analytics Property ID.
  • After entering that Your blogger will be connected with the analytics.

How to Install the Google Analytics App in Mobile:

  • The first step, you want to open your app store or Play Store on your mobile.
  • And then type Google Analytics. The first Analytics app will be shown.
Google analytics Dreamtobig
Google Analytics

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