what is Domain and How to register a Domain properly?

Hello everyone today we are going to see “what is Domain and How to register a Domain properly”.

So please read this article carefully then you will get clear explanation about the domain and domain registration.

What is Domain:

What is Domain dreamtobig
What is Domain

If you are a beginner of the blogging field, you didn’t know about domain. you will confused in what is domain of a website and hosting of a website.

If you start a website or blogger for your company or any other business purpose. you want to choose the domain name related to your company name business names.

Domain name is more important for your website because it will choose your website ranking and traffic.

More unique and more easiest Domain name is easy to find your website google search engine.

In this article I will tell you what is domain of a website or blog.

At first thing domain is a name for your website. Domain help your website to identify easily from the other website.

Domain will help us to find our website from the worldwide of the internet.

what is Domain Name extensions:

Domain names Extensions dreamtobig
Domain names Extensions

If you want to buy a domain name for your website or projection extension also important for your website.

extensions are used for country based websites or low price website.

Domain name extensions will also make

Domain name Extensions is located in the last part of your website like dreamtobig.com

In this domain dreamtobig.com the first part will be the domain name at the end of the part is the domain name extension.

There are lot of Domain name extensions in the world . The Domain name extension will also determine your website ranking and traffic.

In the Domain name extensions can choose your audience where will they come from and which browser will they come from.

There are four types of Domain Name Extensions.
  1. Generic Domain Extensions.
  2. Sponsored Domain Extensions.
  3. Generic Restricted Domain Extensions.
  4. Country code Domain extensions.

This four types of extensions are avaible.

I will explain these four types of Domain Name extensions in another post on my website because this post based on the What is domain and How to register a Domain properly.

so next let we talk about the how to register a domain.

How to register a Domain properly.

How to Register a Domain Name  dreamtobig
How to Register a Domain Name

At the first step you want choose a Domain name registrar.

There are lot of domain name registrar are available. you want to choose which one is better for you and your cost.

GoDaddy, Namecheap, Hostinger are the best and popular Domain Name registrar.

Open any of this website in your google chrome or any other browser.

First register with the website and search for your domain name with good extension.

if your domain name and extensions is available you just want to buy the domain name.

Ok I will hope this article will help you to know what is Domain and how to buy it. Please leave your comment about this article in the comment box below.

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