what are backlinks and How to use a backlink checker?

Hello everyone today i am goin to tell about “what are backlinks and How to use a backlink checker?”

Come on let see what is Backlinks.

Backlinks which means If someone writes a post about something. if any other website has a better explanation about that post. He will give the link to the website in his post.

It is also used for the YouTube channels and YouTube Videos.

It will give the viewers to best and clear explanations about that post.

Backlink is more important for your website or youtube ranking in Google.

A backlink refers your post to the search like Google, Bing, or etc. It will help us to get more traffic in organic in google search.

will give ranking in Google.

will increase your Domain authority score and Domain trust. It will give visitors more trust in your website.

If someone gives a backlink to your website in his post. Visitors will to your website through that link that will give more traffic in many ways.

It gives you referral traffic for your post or website.

Good Backlinks will make your website trustable and make more traffic and revenue for your website.

Backlinks are Two types:

  1. Dofollow Backlink.
  2. Nofollow Backlink.
Dofollow backlink

Dofollow is introduced in 2005 by Google. It is helping Google to index the good content on your website.

Dofollow are the important for your website ranking.

The other name of Dofollow is link juice.it will pass your link to rank in google.

Nofollow backlink

Nofollow is not passing in Google search engine ranking. Google will ignore the nofollow to rank.

They will tell the google search engine to ignore the link.

How to Identify Dofollow and nofollow:

let identify the Dofollow, You want to know simple HTML coding knowledge.

You want to check the rel attribute of the HTML tag. rel attribute will choose the Dofollow and nofollow link.

Dofollow example:

<a href=”www.example.com/”rel=”dofollow”>link Text</a>

Nofollow example:

<a href=”www.example.com/”rel=”nofollow”>link Text</a>

you will see the difference between the two backlink.

ok I hope now you will understand what are backlinks.

Google change their algorithms but not change the way of ranking using this backlinks.

Google will use the backlink to rank the page, post or website.

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