This Post About Fast Food Ordering System website final year project for computer science Using Php.

You can easily download the project file and easy to use it for free for everyone.


This Admin side Fast Food Ordering System was developed using PHP/MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap.

The admin shall manage the menu of fast food products, its categories, orders and sales purchases of customers.

final year project for computer science
final year project for computer science by

The system is useful for a small-scale food order business where the manager can easily monitor daily sales and top selling fast food items on the menu.

Editing Started.

 In this tutorial, we will be using XAMPP as our local web server to run our PHP scripts and MySQL database server.

Free Source Codes

Download the zip file/ download winrar

Extract the file and copy “fastfood” folder

Paste inside root directory/ where you install xampp e.g. local disk C:

1.Open your XAMMP’s Control Panel and start the Apache and MySQL.

2.Create a folder in C://xampp/htdocs/fastfood

final year project for computer science by
final year project for computer science by

Creating and Connecting a Database

Open your phpMyAdmin i.ehttp://localhost/phpmyadmin and create a new database named fastfood.

Click on the Import tab

On the Browse the Computer, click Choose File button and select “fastfood.sql” file found inside the “DATABASE” folder of xampp/htdocs/fastfood

Click Go button

Running the System

Open a browser and run the script in http://localhost/fastfood

Scrolll down to download the project file

If you Have Doupt while using this php script please contact us.

You tell your problem through the instagram and also mail us through gmail.