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BIGGBOSS வீட்டுல மட்டும் இல்ல, நேர்லயும் நா இப்படித்தான்- ABISHEK

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote aka Bigg Boss Vote for Bigg Boss Season 4 has started and people can vote either through the online voting poll or through missed call service or through Hotstar App.

The complete details regarding Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Season 4 can be found below. This will be the fourth year for Bigg Boss Tamil.

About Bigg Boss Eviction process:

 Each week the housemates will nominate the candidates for elimination. One person can nominate 2 participants, later the public will vote from the nomination list available online.

The person with the least number of votes or with less vote percentage will be eliminated.

You can also Vote for Big Boss Tamil 5 here but the votes cast here will not be added to the official count. Bigg Boss Tamil season 5 can be watched online at Hotstar (Official Broadcaster).



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